50 Exercises for Older Adults

Clients often ask me for a simple list of exercises that they can do at home outside of their sessions with me. Previously, I would note something down on paper for them but quickly concluded that I needed a more effective and professional solution. This led me to the realisation that there are likely people outside of my clientele who are of similar age and would also benefit from a simple sequence of exercises that they can do at home to remain functional and healthy.

Even in the modern age, I feel that a book is the best way to approach this. The majority of us don’t massively enjoy exercise and so the additional friction of having to log onto a computer to find a workout is enough to put us off. The book can also act as a prompt if it’s left somewhere visible. We might see it on the kitchen counter and do 5 minutes or so spontaneously.

My priorities were for the exercises to be accessible to almost everyone without the necessity for special equipment and with an emphasis on functionality. From the feedback I’ve received so far, I believe I have achieved this objective.

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“Ben’s book takes pains to make each exercise completely relevant by giving “benefits” attainable in every case.” – Yvonne

” 50 Exercises for Older Adults is extremely comprehensive. It works within my limitations while pushing me that little bit further than I’m used to.” – Peter

“Straightforward and easy to understand.” – Pat

“Clearly written with helpful photos showing the positions and actions described.” – Dorothy

“The subject could be very complex and difficult to understand had it not been for the excellent descriptions.” – Len

50 Exercises for Older Adults


The perfect exercise manual for seniors looking to remain functional and independent.

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I’ve spent the last several years as a personal trainer, specializing in working with older adults both in private homes and care settings. In my career, I’ve observed a prevalence of misconceptions and psychological barriers which hinder seniors in their ability to stay fit. This book aims to create an image of fitness which feels more accessible to older adults liberating them to participate despite their perceived limitations.
I have selected what I believe to be the 50 most effective and relevant exercises to older adults. I’ve prioritized functional movements which have direct transferability into everyday life.
My wish is that this book will afford everyone who gets their hands on it, greater functionality, health and increased independence.

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