This is a question I was asked during my recent interview on Marlow FM. I was happy with my answer at the time, but it caused me to ponder for a while afterwards. I decided to readdress the question in a longer format by writing this article. I hope you find it interesting and beneficial.

As someone who works in the industry, the answer is “yes” without hesitation. But it was the question itself that really made me think. The fact that it’s even a question at all. The fact that people have such limiting beliefs surrounding their capacity to make positive change after a certain age. 

I can observe this thought pattern in people of all age groups. For example, 29 year old’s often dread turning 30 as if everything was suddenly going to go downhill. As life expectancy continues to increase, we need to stop stigmatizing age. When we remove these self-imposed barriers, we stand a much better chance of living a fulfilled life. 

Pursuing fitness as an older adult is still somewhat unconventional. When promoting my work, it’s often immediately dismissed with a throw away comment like “I’m too old for that” or “It’s far too late for me to get fit”. I suppose what these comments imply is that our aging process is predetermined and therefore, out of our control. I always find this narrative difficult to hear. Not only because it inhibits us from attaining a greater quality of life, but also because I know first-hand that it’s not true. Whilst there are degenerative processes associated with age, all of them can be offset or reversed with the application of a sound exercise program, proper nutrition etc. 

I’ve had the good fortune in my career to witness people of varying ages create incredible improvements in their health and fitness. It’s what makes my work so rewarding and why I want to spread my message to as many people as possible. The message in summary being that it’s never too late to start and anyone can benefit from fitness regardless of their age or any other factor.