Hillary and Mike Home Workout

Sponge Ball Circuit

Horizontal Press

Key Points – Sit up nice and tall and aim to fully extend the arms in front of you.

Hand Squeeze

Key Points – Pushing the hands together like you are clapping.

Leg Squeeze

Key Points – Push the knees in and out in a controlled manner, aiming to work the muscles of the thighs.

Torso Twist

Key Points – Follow the ball with your eyes to encourage you to rotate your body.

Throwing & Catching

Key Points – Start small and gradually throw the ball a bit higher as you get more confident.

Bicep Curl

Key Points – Keep the elbows locked in place and aim to fully extend your arms between each repetition.



Target Muscles – Legs and buttocks

Key Points – remember to do this in front of the bed or sofa so that you can sit down if need be. Knees pushed out to the side and looking straight ahead to ensure good posture.

Bicep Curl

Prime Movers – Brachialis, Biceps Brachii, Brachioradialis.

Key points – Keep your elbows tucked into your side. Ensure full range of motion but don’t lock out the elbows.

Front Raise

Target Muscles – Shoulders

Key Points – Don’t swing the dumbbells, keep the movement slow and deliberate with core muscles engaged.

Lateral Raise

Target Muscles – Shoulders

Key Points – Keep your elbows slightly bent and keep the movement nice and controlled.