Len Exercise Program

Banded Leg Press

Key Points: Place the band on the ball of your foot as appose to your toes, pull your knee up towards your chest and then push your leg in front of you in the direction of the resistance band to avoid your foot flicking up.

Sponge Ball Leg Press

Key Points: Place one foot on the ball so that it’s directly below your knee, push straight down for 10 reps before holding for 10 seconds, repeat 2 to 3 times.


Leg Extension 

Key Points: Support your upper leg with your hands, kick your leg forwards and back as much as you can, avoiding the urge to use momentum. Once you’ve done 10 to 20 of these, start to lift your leg with a resistance band and bring it back down to the floor as slow as you can, do this around 10 times.

Banded Row

Key Points: Extend your leg in front of you with your heel resting on the floor, loop the band over your foot and pull your hands towards your rib cage. Think about retracting and depressing your shoulders, bringing your elbows as far back as you can.

Banded Hip Hinge 

Key Points: Pop the band underneath your feet and take hold of each end, hinge forwards from your hips keeping your chest up and eyes forward, slowly pull yourself upright again using the group of muscles on each side of your spine (erector spinae).