Ben Broadhead Podcast

The health and fitness podcast for seniors and those working with seniors. This podcast seeks to convey the idea that it’s never too late to take control of our health and to create an accessible image of fitness for seniors to interact with. My guests include carers, fitness professionals and seniors who have taken steps to improve health outcomes in later life. Join us for fun and informal conversation and gain some valuable insights into fitness for seniors.

Ep 2: Staying Fit at 80 with Jenny 

My long-term client Jenny tells me about her relationship with exercise and how it’s benefited her throughout life. The quote that’s influenced her to stay consistent is the following: “If you did it yesterday and you want to do it tomorrow, you have to do it today.”

Ep 1: The Benefits of Exercise for Seniors with Josh Morgan

I speak to friend and colleague, Josh Morgan about his seated exercise classes at care homes. He gives insight into the considerations of working with seniors and how they can benefit.