Strength Based Exercise Program

Leg Extension 

Key Points: Support your upper leg with your hands, kick your leg forwards and back as much as you can, avoiding the urge to use momentum. Once you’ve done 10 to 20 of these, start to lift your leg with a resistance band and bring it back down to the floor as slow as you can, do this around 10 times.

Bicep Curl

Key Points: Keep your elbows tucked into your sides, focus on fully extending your arms down and squeezing the bicep as your elbow bends. Remember, you can use water bottles for this exercise to add resistance.

Overhead Press

Key Points: Push your arms all the way up to the sky, shrugging your shoulders at the top. Make sure you also bring your arms all the way back down to get the full range of motion.

Wall Push Up

Key Points: Stand with your hands shoulder width apart on a wall and your arms horizontal, slowly bend your arms whilst keeping your core engaged, push yourself all the way back up to the start position. Once you’re comfortable with this exercise, you can try standing further away from the wall which increases the resistance.

Bent Over Row

Key Points: Hinge over from your hips keeping your  back straight, hold your arms down by your side so they are vertical, pull your arms upwards bringing your elbows up high and your hands towards your pockets, slowly lower your arms back down and repeat.