Personal Trainer Cookham - Also covering local areas including Maidenhead

A bit more about me

When it became clear that I wanted to pursue a profession in the fitness industry, I couldn’t think of a better career than to be a personal trainer in Cookham. The main driving force to take up personal training, was the desire to help people improve their quality of life in the same way that I have. The Joy and passion that I have found in fitness is something that I want to share with others.

There was once a period when I neglected exercise due to multiple changes in my day to day which became overwhelming. After several months of this I started to feel sluggish, demotivated and lazy. I caught my reflection in the mirror and didn’t like what I saw. I took the opportunity to hold myself accountable for the lack of exercise I had been doing. I realized in that moment that the onus was on me to take responsibility for my own health, I needed to put my priorities straight. Every day I took my dog out to get her exercise but I wasn’t doing the same for myself, there’s a big problem with that.

The next day I found myself at the gym where I felt very out of place. The gym coach took the time to guide me and my friend through some basic circuits. He was very welcoming which made me feel at ease. Walking home it became apparent that the workout had filled me with new life and energy. This Was my awakening. I started training at my local gym which was very frustrating because I was struggling to do things that used to be easy. This didn’t get me down though; it just pushed me to get back to where I was and then to exceed it.

Going to the gym was such a positive change for me and it made me more disciplined. I was surrounded by dedicated people who were all part of an amazing and positive community. This new found discipline and motivation fed my desire to gain more knowledge through professional study. This led me to the YMCA in London where I did my level 3 personal training course. This qualification allows me to do what I love for a living, inspiring others as I grow myself. Seeing my personal progression has given me a great sense of purpose and achievement. Fitness has made me into a more productive, healthier and happier individual.