Sue Home Workout

Leg Raises

Target Muscles – Quads

Key Points – Shuffle back in your chair so that your upper legs are supported, slowly extend your leg out in front and then lower it back down aiming for full range of motion.

Bicep Curls

Target Muscles – Biceps

Key Points – Keep your elbows tucked into your sides, focus on full range of motion with full extension of the arms at the bottom of the movement and full contraction at the top.

Torso Rotations

Target Muscles – Obliques

Key Points – Make sure you’re twisting your entire body and not just swinging your arms. Also focus on holding your posture.

Front Raise

Target Muscles – Shoulders

Key Points – Try to keep your arms straight and maintain a slow pace.


Target Muscles – Hip flexors & shoulders

Key Points – Find a pace that you can hold and aim for 30 seconds to one minute of continuous marching.

Leg Press

Key Points – Push your leg straight down in a controlled manner, aiming to work the muscles of the thighs.